World-class Enterprise
World-class Enterprise
Impedance ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps [EEI=C]

Impedance ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps [EEI=C]

    Absolutely reach/meet the national standards of GB19510.1 19510.9 and IEC61347.

    CCC、TUV、CE certification

    Adaptable power:5W-26W single-ended fluorescent lamp

    Recommended lamp:GE、OSRAM single-ended fluorescent lamp

    Teminal : Push teminal/ Screw teminal

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The temperature rise is low, adopts the high-quality copper enamel-insulated wire and silicon-steel plate, which the resistance is small, own power loss is small and energy saving.

The sound is especially, adopts EI structure, the high speed punch press ramming technology, the silicon-steel plate precision is high, the assembly is closer.

The long life, under the normal work temperature and the normal electric appliance operation, the life is above 10 years

The product performance conforms to the European standard, achieve to the standard of EEI=C, EEI=B1, EEI=B2

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