World-class Enterprise
World-class Enterprise
UL Electronic Ballast T12

UL Electronic Ballast T12

    Compact structure, beautiful appearance.

    The metal plastic-spraying shell with ability of corrosion resistance and flame-retardant.

    Good comfort, no flicker, no noise, fast start

    High power factor, energy- saving

    Long-life, life can over 10 years under normal working condition

    Abnormal, over-voltage and short-circuit protection.

    Each series parameter conforms to international and the national standards.

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HUAFENG T12 universal electronic ballasts are specially designed for both commercial and industrial fluorescent lighting applications, and strictly manufactured in comply with ANSI and NEMA standards to ensure exceptional performance and conform to UL safety certification; Operate on multi-voltage and multi-lamp of F17T8, F25T8, F32T8, which meet different customer needs and reduce stock cost; High efficiency design and improved performance consider the benefits of energy efficiency, user comfort and saving potential.

Main Features:

Multi-Volt (120-277 Volts +/- 10 %)

High power factor (PF > 0.98)

THD < 10 %

Frequency > 42kHz

Sound rated A

Parallel lamp operation

Automatic re-ignition

comply with ANSI

UL, CUL certified

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